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this past month...  
08:49pm 08/04/2007
long time no post.
like, a month, actually.
the holland exchange people at my school have gone and come back,
Ive found 2 new artists that I really like (Art of Fighting, Albert Hammond Jr.),
I finished many projects (including one where me and my friends had to dress in drag... well not HAD to...),
My geography teacher started liking me... then stopped when I said something stupid,
And I got a haircut (I have bangs!).
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music: Art of Fighting - Free You
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(no subject)  
09:06pm 11/03/2007
I think you get it...
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iPod = RAGE!  
09:00pm 05/03/2007
I just found the CD with all the pictures from music theatre (camp).
I miss acadia :(
it sucks that Im not going back this year.
you know what else sucks?
Im not going to have my iPod untill, like, sunday.
because wednesday they told me Id get it thursday,
thursday they told me Id get it friday,
friday they told me Id get it Monday,
and now Monday they're saying tuesday or wednesday.
Im not HERE tuesday or wednesday!
Im in flopping Georgeville until sunday!
Why coudlnt they just get the flopping laptop when they said they would!
I would've been using it Friday morning.
But no. I have to wait an extra week and a half.
and thats after waiting a year and a half!
Im soooo mad right about now....!
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music: the white stripes - blue orchid
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Oh, and I forgot...  
09:23pm 18/02/2007
Oh! and I forgot... Im getting my iPod in 10 days!
Im soooo excited!
March 1st... woot!
music: Patrick Wolf - Accident & Emergency
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whoa, it's been a while... boston/ski trip  
08:21pm 18/02/2007
WhoaKay, it's been a while.
Two weekends ago I went on the MOFTY (Montreal O??? F??? Temple Youth) trip to Boston.
It was fun. ny.
We were 10 kids I think, plus Julien and that woman I dont know.
Me, Sarah, Zak, Michael, Claudia, Noah, Lauren, and Gaby.
OK make that 8 kids plus Julien and that woman I dont know.
The dance this year sucked though.
First of all, it was mostly 12 year olds.
Second, they were grinding (ewww).
Third, they kept asking us to dance.
And last, the lights were on throu half of it.
When Julien had to rate/comment everything, he gave it a 1 (the worst) and wrote "awkward with lights on." We all completely agreed with him.
Except Claudia because she's a 12 year old skank.
And I quote, "I'm really good at hooking up with guys", and "Of course I have a boyfriend. But I'm planning on breaking up with him. But he's not my first. Ive had tons. 10 in one month *smiles*".
That's what? 2 1/2 boyfriends a week? and she's proud of that?
After I while I just started answering all her questions with "Your a 12 year old whore :)"
Then last week I went on ski trip.
It was awesome.
I was in a room with 3 of my friends.
We had the best room.
We went night skiing in a blizard (59cm of snow!).
We went tubing at Val Cartier. It was insane.
I crashed into two trees, got way ahead of my group, went flying off a jump and landed on my back, and crashed straight into a girl in my group.
I also made my whole group fall over.
All in one day.
The 4th day I was awesome though, I didnt fall at all, most of my group went in so we ended up as 4 people.
But me and my friend and this girl made this guy cry.
But he wasnt mad at me, just them two.
And I was like "why isnt he mad at me???" and my freind Charlie said "He probably thinks you're hot."
But we went to his room to apologize, which was a big thing, because we werent allowed on the boys floor. Not that it stopped people.
The dance was wierd.
It started as kareoke (sp?), and me and my friend wanted to do Bohemian Rhapsody, but other people had already requested it. So we did it with them. But more people joined in anyways.
Then we wanted to do American Pie, but they turned it into a dance (and played bad music) instead.
The bus back was fun.
C'est tout.
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music: Patrick Wolf - Magic Position
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(no subject)  
02:51pm 02/02/2007
It was carnival at school day this tuesday.
I went tubing and swimming.
Tubing was awesome. the maximum people who were allowed to go down at once was 4. We went as 11 :P
Swimming we had to wear bathing caps :S not so fun.
Now Im making Nachos... ya know, with the melted cheese and salsa in the oven...? yummy.
Tomorrow I have to be a Temple E at 6:00 in the morning so we can go to Boston.
Its early, but fun, so its OK.
My dad got me the first Franz Ferdinand CD :D yay!
mood:  :D :D
music: Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
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(no subject)  
02:25pm 25/01/2007
this is me.
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net
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music: the Fratellis - Got Ma Nuts From A Hippie
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(no subject)  
01:34pm 25/01/2007
Ya know what I realized today?
Tables freak me out. And multi-story buildings.
I mean, you're walking over people....!?!!?!? OH MY GOD!
...besides that, today was pretty cool.
Ohhhh and I went to visit the Girl Guides for the first time in months
that was pretty cool, I guess.
Id forgoten how much I missed them :(
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music: David Bowie (OMG!) - New Killer Star
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last week... this week?  
05:33pm 20/01/2007
Exams this past week. They were all math, and therefore all easy.
What school gives a grade 3 math exams? I mean, WHAT??? WHY???
Anyways yeah, they were easy.
I spent like, ALL week at Caiti's.
Oh yeah, and I painted some desks for my moral ed classroom.
The teacher's donating them eventually but for now they're staying in the class... looking pretty.
You know what else is pretty? Mattieu Marcotte from Musique Plus.
Its the best channel EVER. Much better than Much (Much Music).
Ive been happy all day for no reason.
It got me in trouble with my freinds mom though... oh well :D
mmmk... C'est tout.
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music: The Fratellis - Henrietta
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I'm back (again?)  
07:22pm 11/01/2007
Im pretty sure Ive posted since Ive been back, but thats not what my journal thinks...
So here I go:
I was at my freind Boicca's country house (as I said before), for 6 days.
In those 6 days-Nick broke a lamp (hahahaha), I beat POKéMON Silver again (DONT ask) even though the game continues after it says "the End", aaand... I got an Ugly Doll.
Then I went to Aviva's country house for 3 days.
In those 3 days-I slept in the woods, realized how awesome that mix CD I made 20 minutes before I left the house was, slept in the woods (that was creepy/fun :D), learnt how to play Hearts, kicked a dead porcupine (gross, I know) and got completely obsessed with The Postal Service (thanks to Aviva's brother).
When I got home I saw my two best (well, two of my best) freinds who I hadnt seen in a month (or longer). Then school started. Which made me happy, because I hadnt seen everybody in 2 weeks.
...but it turns out I had about 4 projects due/tests the first day back that I didnt know about.
Then also in this week-I screwed something up BIG TIME, but with reassurance from my best freind (not one of my best, my BEST) I made everything better :)
Thats all... :D
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music: the Postal Service - Nothing Better
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